Charities are most successful when decision-making is rooted in an excellent understanding of income generation - planning and practice. 


At Capacity helps charities and nonprofits to truly understand fundraising, and to equip decision-makers with the knowledge to lead their organisations towards sustainability and resilience. 

We provide training and mentoring to Chief Executives, Chairs and Boards of Trustees to increase understanding of how fundraising really works and to be sure that targets are always both realistic and strategic. We also provide practical assistance to senior fundraisers and Chief Executives of small and mid-sized organisations on a range of projects including complex funding applications, joint bids and stakeholder management.

We work with:

  • Chief Executives


  • Chairs & Trustees


  • Senior fundraisers


  • Professional bodies


  • Umbrella organisations

Learn how to unpack the fundraising process and get your whole senior leadership team on the same page. 

  • Gain confidence that you’re asking the right questions 

  • Learn how organisational decisions impact income generation


  • Develop a deeper awareness of the work so you can set realistic targets


  • Understand why fundraising is central to business planning and how to do this well


  • Deepen your knowledge of issues faced by fundraisers so you can solve problems with them 

  • Acquire insight into partnerships to fully consider opportunities 


  • Study the construction of high-quality bids so you can support your team to produce higher quality application narratives and budgets


  • Recognise how to apply knowledge about the funding landscape to identify opportunities and direct fundraising strategy


  • Discover what it means to “help with fundraising,” so you can direct meaningful action from the Board

  • Increase the capacity of individual Trustees to be better ambassadors and more purposeful in their fundraising activities 

  • Implement practical, productive and strategic planning initiatives

Group Meeting


Our trainings are designed to help Trustees understand the whole fundraising picture, how their decisions can impact it and how to make the most meaningful contributions, including through strategic decisions.

Successful Meeting


Our mentoring for Directors, CEOs and Chairs centres on explaining key concepts and demystifying some of the more specialised components of income generation.

Researching and Writing

Practical Assistance

Our immediate, short-term support is for specific writing and editing projects such as to enhance the overall quality of a bid, refresh your case for support or develop a strong budget. 


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