Mentoring enables Chief Executives and Chairs - particularly those with less direct experience of fundraising - to understand and tackle some of the biggest challenges of their roles. This work centres on explaining key concepts and demystifying some of the more specialised components of income generation.


We can help you fully understand and implement  

  • Full cost recovery budgeting 

  • Budgets for bids 

  • Proposal development 

  • Effective bid development processes
  • Persuasive writing and bid structure
  • Prospect development and research
  • Relationships and stakeholder management
  • Fundraising that supports strategic planning
  • Joint bids and successful partnerships


“Ruby has been such a support to RTProjects. Not just through her professionalism and thorough understanding of all things third sector, but also for her care and understanding of our mission.” - Director, RTProjects

We will develop a package of support that is tailored to your needs. Visit Next Steps to see our fee structure.