We offer a great package of practical support for anyone tasked with income generation, particularly senior fundraisers and Chief Executives of small and mid-sized organisations.


Our immediate, short-term support is for specific writing and editing projects such as to enhance the overall quality of a bid, refresh your case for support or develop a strong budget. We can also offer advice and support to increase the persuasiveness of important bid components such as your project plan, needs analysis or impacts statements.

We can help you in real time to

  • Develop full cost recovery budgeting to ensure more costs are covered 
  • Generate project budgets that are appealing to funders 
  • Create innovative fundable projects
  • Implement organised, manageable bid development processes 
  • Write persuasively and structure bids to be more engaging   
  • Reach different audiences through persuasive writing 
  • Identify, research and develop prospects, including partnerships 
  • Ensure fundraising activities support strategic objectives  
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